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Expired domain scraper

Expired Domain Scraper is a FREE Google Chrome extension, developed so that users can scrape pages they visit for expired domains with traffic. There is HUGE money in finding expired domains with traffic and good metrics. You can use Expired Domain Scraper to find expired domains with traffic and then either rebuild the old website with a service like Wayback Machine Downloader or simply sell them to prospective buyers. There are so many expired domain scrapers out there to choose from. Many are garbage and some are great. Some expired domain scrapers are free while others charge. This particular domain scraper is FREE to use but you will need a paid API key from DomDetailer in order to check the expired domain name metrics.

Below are some screenshots of Expired Domain Scraper in action. This was an expired domain found on Youtube.

Get Expired Domain Scraper For Google Chrome
This screenshot is of an expired domain name that was found using Expired Domain Scraper. Expired domains with links on Youtube are very valuable and easy to sell.
This screenshot is of the Moz and Majestic metrics of the expired domain that was found.

Expired Domain Scraper also has infinite scrolling for Google, Bing, Youtube, and Yandex. Find expired domains that are still indexed in the search engines and rebuild them before their de-indexed. Find expired domain names on Youtube with links back and high page authority and trust flow. With Expired Domain Scraper, all you do is visit any site and click on the icon on your browser. After the domain scraper opens, simply click on the “Find Domains” button and it will scrape whatever page you’re on and find expired domains with links that you can then register. Use the expired domains for building a PBN (private blog network) and sell links or just sell them on Flippa or Sedo.

Below is a video of Expired Domain Scraper in action and you can see how I was able to find some pretty good expired domains that are indexed in Google and also have high authority video pages from Youtube that link back to them.

Get Expired Domain Scraper For Google Chrome
Expired Domain Indexed In Google
As you can see this niche domain name is indexed in Google still so I registered it and will rebuild it.
Here is another Vitamix domain name that I found indexed in Google so I will add these 2, to my PBN and see what happens.

As you can see, it’s actually possible to find expired domains that are still indexed in Google. I personally find expired domains with traffic and good metrics that are still indexed in Google, rebuild them with the original URLs and if possible, the same theme, backdate posts and rank in no time.

Get Expired Domain Scraper For Google Chrome

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