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UPDATE 6/11/2017:

Domain Reanimator unfortunately turned out to be kind of a scam. They left people hanging high and dry and just sort of disappeared. However, the methods and info that are on this page are accurate and I’ll leave it all here for others to benefit from. My apologies for ever referring Domain Reanimator.


Domain ReAnimator has been around for almost 2 years as of the date of this posting and it is becoming one of the most used expired domain crawlers out there. Sure, there are a lot of expired domain scrapers and crawlers out there and a lot of them are decent but I’m listing those scrapers and crawlers that go above and beyond just being decent.

Domain Re-Animator is a cloud based crawler that allows you to find expired domains from a database of recently expired names that are able to be registered for just the registration fee. A lot of these expired domains have great Moz and Majestic metrics and can easily be used to create a PBN, be careful of footprints, or even help with seo or earning instant affiliate commissions.

What I use Domain ReAnimator for:

When I first checked out Domain Re-Animator, I was interested in it because of the seo work I do as well as my own personal affiliate sites that promote affiliate products from the likes of Amazon and ebay. I wanted a quick way to get some direct targeted traffic to an Amazon affiliate site I built and was hoping for a few sales as well. It worked very well actually.

How I made INSTANT (almost) affiliate commissions using Domain Re-Animator:

It’s actually so stupidly simple, anyone can do it.

  • Step one: You will need a website that promotes a product OR just an affiliate url. For example, if you don’t have a website, you can simply use just your affiliate link. Make sure you have a product to promote.
  • Step two: Once you have your website or affiliate link, open Domain Re-Animator and enter your seed keywords for your niche. This will give you a list of niche specific expired domains.
  • Step three: Sort through and filter the expired domains until you find one or more that have good metrics. Be sure you keep an eye on the spam score of the domains. You don’t want an expired domain that was used for spam or redirection, prior to you purchasing it.
  • Register the expired domain(s) and redirect to your affiliate link or website. It really is that simple. You can even go as far as to build up a FREE blog page on a web 2.0 like Blogspot or Weebly and use their domain authority to rank quickly.
  • ****Additionally, you can download the archive of the old website that was on the domain and completely rebuild it or there are Wayback Machine download services available to download the old archive and rebuild the site for you.****


I use the above method of registering expired domains to help rank a website. Now, the website I ranked using Domain ReAnimator, was actually a Domain Re-Animator affiliate site. I wanted to show proof of it actually working so this is what I did……………..

First, I registered a free blogspot blog,

Second, I put up a couple posts.

Third, I used Domain ReAnimator to find a couple expired domain names that were related to what I was promoting, which is Domain ReAnimator, right? Keep following me here. The expired domains I registered are¬†and Both domains were expired and both domains had Domain ReAnimator reviews on them and the Let’s Play SEO site actually has a video review on Youtube. Yes, I jacked his video review and used it to rank my own affiliate site. But you can see how easy this is, right?

Fourth, I rebuilt the old sites as close to original as I possibly could, updated the review posts about Domain ReAnimator, added my affiliate link to the posts as well as a link back to the blogspot site and in 3 days, I was ranked number 3 for my keywords and had made 2 affiliate sales.

Don’t believe me?

Here is a link to the Google search results for the keyword “domain reanimator review”.….0…1c.1.64.serp..28.17.1994.0..0i67k1j0i22i30k1j0i131k1j0i22i10i30k1.XY3olwh2Vsw

As you can see, at the time of this posting, blogspot site is still number 3 for it’s keyword with very little work done, very little money spent, and just a few hours of my time and now I have passive income from the affiliate program.

You can do this with ANY product or niche. It’s very simple.



5 thoughts on “Domain Re-Animator

  1. Hi Team,
    As the screenshot shows, after i installed the extension, the page can indeed auto scroll in google/youtube’s serp, but there’s no option displayed in the right column.
    Also i followed your tutorial in, and click the link to, but as the screenshot shows, there’s the error there.

    What’s the issue here? any insights?

    1. First, thank you for the information. I will look into it.

      Second, my apologies for not responding earlier. I somehow managed to see your message in the spam folder today when I was cleaning out messages.

      Third, you’re the only person that has said anything to me or it would have been fixed sooner.

      Thank you.

  2. Unfortunately, Domain ReAnimator is no longer in business. Looks like they pretty much just took people’s money and ran with it. What a scam.

    I’m sorry I ever recommended them.

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